Service Level Agreement

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) goes that step further to ensure you are provided with an unparalleled service and support. Each dedicated server is supplied with 99.9% Networking uptime , 30minute/instant reboots , instant hardware replacement , 10 minute ddos mitigation and 5 minute engineer response time, providing the ultimate service in dedicated server hosting.

» Guaranteed 99.99% Network Uptime
Most other dedicated solutions allow for some downtime across a calender month (eg with a 99.9% uptime guarantee), but we understand that no business can tolerate downtime. We can actually guarantee 99.99% uptime thanks to our own redundant network to ensure there is never a glitch. The value of a whole day's dedicated server cost will be applied for every hour your server is without connectivity, such is our confidence in the network.

» 30 Minute/Instant Reboots
We don't restrict when or how many times you can reboot your server, and there are no additional charges. You can request a 30-minute reboot or pay a small monthly fee for instant reboots through our web-based control panel..

» 5 Minute Response Time
If your server experiences a critical/hardware error, we'll have an engineer working on the issue within 5 minutes of being notified. We'll provide regular updates through your ticket as the situation develops.

» 10 Minute DDoS Mitigation
* If your server is taken offline or attacked by DDoS, we'll mitigate the issue within 10 minutes of your report. We'll keep you updated through your ticket with status updates. * Instant Hardware Replacement: Should your server experience any hardware failure, we'll maintain a complete server with the same specifications, powered up and ready for use.

» Instant Hardware Replacement
Should your server suffer any form of hardware failure we guarantee to maintain a complete server of the same specification powered up and ready for use

» Price Freeze
Although prices on our site may change over time, we guarantee to maintain the same price you paid upon signing up, even if the costs to new customers increase.

» Bandwidth Gurantee
We'll maintain sufficient uncontended network bandwidth to service all of our customers at full capacity. We'll ensure that we're still able to do so even if one of our internet connections fails.

» SLA Applies
This SLA only applies to Dedicated Servers/VPS Servers Only.